Josh Southall is a comedian and comic book creator living in Chandler, AZ.

When not working on comics or making ridiculous videos, he's online too much, going to every comic convention in a 500 mile radius or hanging out with his wife, 6 year old daughter and 1 year old son.

He has self published his own comics, such as "Switch", and had a number of stories printed by companies from Pop Goes The Icon! to  Northwest Press.

He's lettered too many comics to count for pitches, one shots, small press publishers and more. Some of those publishers include Northwest Press, Advant Comics, Pop Goes the Icon!, Rusty Metal and Backpocket Comics.

Josh is also a comedian doing stand up and online videos. You can catch him doing stand up all over the Phoenix, AZ are and hopefully near you soon. His Instagram is filled with various videos and such that help bring laughs to people trying to avoid their responsibilities. 

He's a huge Doctor Who fan, a huge DC fan, and lover of all kinds of music. He used to be a drummer in a punk band but is now too old to rock that hard.