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Josh Southall

Writer / Mischief Maker.
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Fuck yeah, new comic fans!

I saw an article today written by a relatively new comic fan. They started the article by saying the New 52 got them into comics. That statement was quickly followed by an apology.

Why would they apologize for that? The sad answer is: “real” comic fans have given them grief for getting into comics with the New 52. For whatever reason this new fan didn’t “count” to some people, having started comics with DCs big relaunch.

You know what? Screw that.

Comics are AMAZING. And comic people are amazing. We should welcome each new fan whether they got into comics because of the New 52, the latest Marvel movie or an animated series. We should welcome them with open arms no matter what path they took to get here.

So the next time you meet someone just getting into comics, no matter how they got into them, join me and say:

Fuck yeah! New comic fans!

(Then give them the best high five ever)

I don’t update here as much as I should

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One of those days…

Today was one of those congested creative days. 3 separate stories all screaming in my head at the same time. 3 sets of characters all screaming to be put on paper.
The worst part? They’re all so loud, I didn’t write a damn thing. Time to let my brain go wild in my sleep and write a heap of stuff in the morning.